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We Craft Trees For Serious Bonsai Enthusiasts

Our trees are collected and field grown … which means we hunt them in the wild and we raise them in our bonsai garden. We choose only the best because we deserve … and you deserve … only the best.

Coming Attractions

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the bonsai Zach is currently styling.
We expect these beauties to be released for sale in June 2020.

Expertly Sourced.
Beautifully Designed.

Twice every year a new journey begins. Through rain, cold, sleet, sweltering heat, and notorious mosquitoes, Zach and his wife, Cathy, trudge through the swamps of South Louisiana to bring you the most unique, one-of-a-kind, affordable trees in the industry.

We do it because we love it. We love the hunt; we love the harvest. But most of all, we love the results. To this end, Zach also grows and shapes indigenous trees in his own backyard so he can offer you even more selection.

Zach has one of the keenest eyes in the industry and with over 30 years experience with bonsai, the care and time he puts into every single tree is clear to see …

Featured Selections

Bonsai takes time … and Zach takes the time each tree needs so he can be assured that the tree you choose for your collection will be the best it can be. Because of his reputation for quality design, trees that are posted for sale generally are purchased relatively quickly. This means you will never see sub-standard product or receive sub-standard service. To that end, here are a few trees currently available.

Zach and Bonsai South

Each tree you see on this site has been personally collected, grown, selected (for those acquired from other collectors or growers), pruned, potted, and in the case of “finished” trees, styled by Zach.

His bonsai philosophy revolves around one simple mantra:

“Better Material Means Better Bonsai.”

Years Experience

Bonsai Created

Bonsai Demonstrations

The Bonsai Blog

We have a large library of how-to articles that details for you, step-by-step, how Zach develops both stock material and finished bonsai. Images are included.

Mayhaw Work And Lantana Flowers (Surprise)

mayhaw work and lantana flowers (surprise)Sneak PeekI have this Mayhaw I collected a couple of years ago. It's grown well enough that some development work is called for. Plus I have a Lantana that is producing flowers that are - reduced in size?Mayhaw Work and...

Flat-top Bald Cypress Bonsai – Starting A New Specimen

flat-top bald cypress - how to get startedSneak PeekThe flat-top Bald cypress bonsai is the fastest to create from scratch. That's because you get to take advantage of the tree's apical dominance.Flat-top Bald Cypress - How to Get StartedI'm convinced that there are...

Portrait Time – Hawthorn, Oak, Elm

portrait time - hawthorn, oak, elmSneak PeekThere's nothing like the combination of spring, sunny weather and nicely developed bonsai.Portrait Time - Hawthorn, Oak, Water-ElmWell, after the winter we had it does your heart good to see your trees responding to spring. ...

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