Update: June 14, 2020

We receive many inquiries with various bonsai-related questions. While we would like to be able to personally answer all questions, it is not feasible for us to do so, therefore we have to limit inquiries to current clients. Our website features a wealth of bonsai knowledge, which is accessible by using our Search feature.



  1. Bonsai South ships on Mondays and Tuesdays only. This helps to ensure, as best we can, your tree will not sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.
  2. Safe arrival is guaranteed, meaning the tree will survive transit and continue/resume growth following receipt. The client is expected to provide appropriate care following receipt. Instructions are provided with each shipment.
  3. Shipments are scheduled based in part on the prevailing weather where you are. Because we are located in the Deep South, we do not ship in winter without your express written permission. As above, appropriate care following receipt is required.
  4. Trees are packed with a wrapped rootball – normally without a nursery container – and surrounded by Styrofoam® peanuts. This maximizes water retention.
  5. We typically ship via FedEx, but if you prefer UPS or USPS let us know. Also, if you want express shipment please call or email us; additional shipping charges will apply.
  6. We do not ship outside the U.S. Shipments outside the contiguous/continental U.S. (AK, HI, PR) are subject to additional charges.

Shipping and Packaging Charges

Prices listed on this website for trees and materials include standard packaging charges. If you want overnight or two-day service, additional shipping charges over and above normal shipping charges will apply (see Shipping #3 above). All shipping charges must be paid prior to shipment.

Special Note: Fedex has instituted a surcharge for oversized packages of $30 per package. This only applies to the largest trees (e.g., very large Bald cypresses). This charge will be added to our normal pricing.


  • All materials must be paid for prior to shipment.
  • We currently use PayPal® for all direct website orders. Unless prior arrangements are approved, we do not invoice for payments.
  • PayPal payments will appear on your statement as BONSAISOUTH or as BONSAI SOUTH.
  • In the event Bonsai South begins utilizing Stripe for payments, all Stripe payments will appear on your statement as as BONSAISOUTH or BONSAI SOUTH.
  • You do not need a PayPal account to do business with Bonsai South through PayPal. All credit and debit cards are accepted by PayPal, along with direct transfers from personal accounts and other forms of payment.
  • We do not accept payments by check or money order.
  • Special note on third-party orders: In an effort to maintain the safety and privacy of our clients, should someone else buy you a bonsai, they must be a verified PayPal account holder and we will require a phone number in order to ship. There may be a delay in shipment in order for us to verify the order. This is necessitated by the unfortunate degree of ientity theft and credit card fraud.
  • Finally, we reserve the right to reject any order for any reason.

Restocking Fee on Cancelled Orders

In the event you postpone or cancel an order for any reason, you agree to pay a $95 restocking fee or the full cost of the tree, whichever is less. The restocking fee cannot be applied toward any future purchase.

Reserving Trees

Only members of the Bonsai South Private Collection Club who are in good standing with a minimum 6-month fully paid membership are eligible to request the reservation of a tree.

As a general rule, these are trees that cannot be shipped within 90 days of the order, for whatever reason.

Trees eligible for our reserve service may be held with a nonrefundable 25% deposit or $50, whichever is greater. We use PayPal to invoice for deposits; we do not accept deposits by any other payment method. Deposits are due immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

Please make it a point to ensure your email recognizes PayPal as an authorized sender, and does not divert those emails to your spam or junk folder. We have no control over this part of the process. You will know when an invoice is going to be sent to you, as you will be alerted to this via email from us.

Please note: in the event a deposit invoice is not paid within 48 hours, the invoice and order will be canceled at our discretion and the tree(s) re-released for sale. This policy has been necessitated by a number of unfortunate experiences on our end. When a tree is reserved we mark it SOLD, meaning it becomes unavailable to someone else who might want it. Our trees are one of a kind, and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deposits are non-refundable, unless we are unable to provide the tree(s) for any reason. Deposits are non-transferable, unless we are unable to provide the tree(s) ordered.

Any balance due on reserved trees must be paid 30 days prior to shipping. Only PayPal is accepted for balances due. As above, invoices for any balance due must be paid within 48 hours or the order will be canceled and the tree(s) re-released for sale; any deposit(s) previously paid will not be refunded.

Refunds/Exchanges and Returns

If your tree arrives crisp and brown, then we will replace it, refund your money or offer you a store credit. We have almost never had a tree die in transit, so this is very unlikely to occur. Usually the cause is poor delivery service, which results in the tree sitting somewhere for an excessive period of time. Or the box has been stepped on or otherwise trashed while in the delivery service’s care.

All orders are insured for their retail value. Any damage in shipment will be subject to a claim against the delivery service. Bonsai South will be glad to handle the claim process, but we may require assistance from you in order to complete the process and refund your money or replace your tree.

Any shipping charges above and beyond normal charges are not refunded for any reason.

Special Note on Certain Shipments

If you live outside the fire ant quarantine areas of the country (this will be determined once you place your order), the soil mass of your tree will have been treated with Bifenthrin® per the USDA APHIS program requirements. There may be residual chemical in the soil mass upon arrival, therefore we recommend the precaution of wearing protective gloves when potting up your tree. Follow-up watering will help wash out the residual chemical.


We make every effort to provide you with healthy trees delivered on time, exactly as ordered and expected. It is inevitable that on rare occasions we will goof. If this happens, we will do whatever is reasonable to make things right.

With that said, neither Bonsai South, Smithworks, Inc., Zach Smith, nor any employee or affiliate of Smithworks, Inc. makes any warranty beyond what is specifically stated here as to the long-term viability or end-use of products or services purchased.

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