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Riverflat Hawthorn

This Riverflat hawthorn, Crataegus opaca, was collected in Winter 2012.

It budded profusely, allowing me to select branches in almost ideal positions. From that point onward the goal has been to develop the branch structure and, perhaps more critically, build the tree’s crown. This latter goal involves creating a tapering transition at the point where the trunk chop is initially made.

To do this properly requires several years of painstaking work.


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Where Zach’s Been

  • I remember doing a lecture-demo for the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society back in 1991, and had the honor of visiting Vaughn Banting’s personal collection.
  • I watched Guy Guidry demonstrate his amazing skills long before he was internationally known.
  • I got to meet the great John Naka at BCI 92; someone may still have the photo of the two of us (master and “other guy”).
  • I traveled a good bit in the South, doing lecture demos in Dallas, Lake Charles, Shreveport, and elsewhere. Also classes and workshops.
  • And I worked on personal collections from Dallas to Atlanta to Baltimore.


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We provide only the finest bonsai and pre-bonsai that Zach has personally collected, harvested, and otherwise prepared for you. Because each tree is a unique speciman, the selection can sometimes be small and other times several bonsai are available.