You may recall my post “An Accidental Wisteria Bonsai….” published last September. In addition to the main trunk of the vine, I had a section that had split off it during the “standard” rotting process large collected wisterias usually go through. It looked like wanting to be a cascade specimen so I obliged. This part of the original vine, which I estimated could be 100 years in age, had also bloomed starting in year two.

Wisteria6-10-16Today I changed the pot out for a smaller round. And as you can see, it’s finally decided to resume the bloom. The foliar growth has also been good this year.

There’s no way to know if this wisteria has long-term staying power. The “wood” seems pretty sturdy at this point, but I would imagine in time it’ll continue to weather away. In the meantime, it makes for an enjoyable if somewhat odd cascade wisteria bonsai.