Today our Water-elm collecting season for 2018 came to a close. We got a few more really nice specimens. Check ’em out below.

Here’s a very nice single-trunk specimen featuring great trunk movement and taper. The base is 2.5″ and it’s 16″ to the chop.

Here’s the big one of the day. The base on this tree is 3.5″ above the root crown, and it’s 19″ to the chop. Isn’t the trunk character just awesome! I left some branches on the tree, but whether they’ll remain or not when I start working on it isn’t for sure at this time. I’ll have to see how the tree buds, and if I can use what’s already there.

I’m thinking this is the star of the day. It’s relatively small, with a trunk base of only 1.5″, but isn’t the trunk movement, taper and character just tremendous? Not to mention that amazing uro at the base. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. We’ve had a really good haul of Water-elms this year. I expect we’ll be able to start releasing a few from the collection in a couple of years, so stay tuned. We’re planning progression series for Bonsai South collection trees, so you’ll be able to follow their progress from the point of collection to show-ready bonsai.