Today I collected my last group of water-elms for 2015. The season came late this year due to high water issues. Nevertheless, I got some good specimens that will appear on our sales page perhaps as early as late next month. All in all, I have a good crop for the 2016 growing season.

Here are a couple of specimens from today:

Water-elm8-23-15-1This one has a 3″ trunk base, good rootage and good basal flare. It’s been chopped to a tapering leader, which itself has been chopped to give a total height of 18″. This tree will end up about 24″ tall when it’s finished.

I’m not convinced this is the best front for this tree. Below is a shot from a different angle:









The trunk seems more graceful from this angle, and I like the way the flaring root base looks. What do you think?












Water-elm8-23-15-3Here’s another specimen from today’s crop, which is proof that nice things can come in small packages. The trunk base on this guy is only 1.5″ in diameter, and it’s been chopped at 8″. I’m not sure which direction works best, but either way this tree will end up no taller than 12″.

It’s nice, though, isn’t it?