Today was probably the last of our Water-elm collecting trips for 2019. We once again got some nice material. Here are a handful of examples. I just love this raft-style specimen. Nice, tight trunks. I’ve already got a plan in mind for this one, so hopefully it survives collecting.
This one is a lovely, graceful upright specimen. The trunk has great taper and subtle movement, and the basal flare really adds to the character. The trunk is 2″ on this specimen, and it’s chopped at 19″.
Another raft. The root base is very cool on this specimen, and you can’t beat the variety of trunk sizes.
Here’s another single-trunk specimen we got today. Nice taper and movement. The base is a little smaller than the one above, 1.75″.
Last but not least. This is a pretty cool triple-trunk specimen. Chopped at about 10″ in height, I see a mini-forest about 14″ when finished. Let me know what you think.