Today began our Water-elm collecting season. Each of these trees you see has been under about 20 feet of water since winter. Now it’s time for their growing season, which will only last a few months. The short growing season is why these trees, though they may not have huge trunks, are actually pretty old. This planting is actually three separate trees that seem to go together well. I’m looking forward to working on this group a little later this year, and more so in 2020.
This is a nice twin trunk. I really like the left-hand trunk, and it’s going to be my model for building the right-hand trunk. This one has a 2.5″ base, and is only about 10″ to the taller chop. It should make quite a shohin specimen.
And now a tall-tree twin-trunk. This is going to be a great Water-elm bonsai, in just a couple of years.
This one is two separate trees, but they go together. ‘Nuff said.
And another tall-tree twin-trunk.
And last but not least for today, a single-trunk specimen. This one has great movement and taper. Let me know what you think of these specimens. If you haven’t tried Water-elm yet, you should seriously consider the species.