Water-Elm Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Water-elm bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Water-elm – Planera Aquatica

This is the “Lazarus” tree I blogged about recently.  On its way to becoming a nice broom-form Water-elm bonsai.  The base is more or less “root over dead wood,” as the tree grew back from a specimen collected years ago and regrown in the ground after freezing back to the root base in 2014.

The base is 2.5″ across (including the dead wood), the trunk diameter is 1.5″ above that, and it’s 17″ tall.  Unglazed ceramic training pot.

Ships in mid- to late-September.

Price: $145 (delivered)

Item # Waelmbonsai23



Water-elm – Planera Aquatica

Collected in August of 2016, this is a big masculine hunky specimen that’s going to make a great broom-form bonsai.  The trunk is amazing.  I wired it last year to begin the process of training the crown; it can be wired again now.  The trunk base is 3″ in diameter, and it’s 12″ to the chop.  Finished height should be about 18-20″.  Great radial roots.

Age about 60-70 years.

Ships now.

Price: $425 (delivered)

Item # Waelm28pre



Water-elm – Planera Aquatica

Collected in October of 2016, this is a nice smaller specimen with great trunk taper and character.  Ready for its first wiring, you should be able to go to a bonsai pot in 2018 with this one.  The trunk base is 2″ in diameter, and it’s 11″ to the chop.  Finished height should be about 16″.

Age about 40 years.

Ships in June.

Price: $115 (delivered)

Item # Waelm34pre



water-elm9-25-16-3Water-elm – Planera Aquatica

Collected in July of 2016, this one is pretty unique – nice “twisty” dual leader specimen.  The base is 2.75″ across and it’s 13″ to the top-most chop.  Great radial rootage (buried to protect it).  This tree should end up a super informal upright that highlights the two leaders.  Age of the tree is about 65-75 years.

Ships now if you’re below the Mason-Dixon line; otherwise in spring.

Price: $345 (delivered)

Item # Waelm31pre