Recently I emailed you with news about the changes coming to Bonsai South, and specifically mentioned the Bonsai South Collection. In this post, I want to give you a preview of what’s to come when work on the collection begins in earnest. Perhaps the biggest change is in our plan to document the development of each tree, meaning, we’re going to be producing a lot of videos. I love photographic progressions, and I’m sure you do too. But imagine seeing the trees take shape by way of a video log (vlog).

This first video was created on 8/26/18. The subject is Water-elm #39.

Water-elm #39 was collected on August 4th. Here’s what the tree looked like when it was collected. It’s a really nice specimen, as you can see. The trunk base is 2″ across, and it’s chopped at 18″.

This initial short video is simply to introduce the tree and describe some of its features. When the time comes to begin its training, a series of more detailed videos will be posted to our Members’ section. These videos will take us from bare trunk to developed bonsai, showing all of the steps along the way. Very exciting!

I’d love any feedback you care to share. Leave a comment below.