This is my earliest photo of what has become a rather nice Chinese elm bonsai. Isn’t it pathetic!

The photo dates back to August of 2014.

Never forget the old adage, “from humble beginnings.”

Five years later, using tried and true bonsai development techniques, and here we are.

Trunk base 2″, height 16″. Beautiful Byron Myrick pot.

A February 2018 collected Cedar elm. This photo was taken three months later, in May. It’s got trunk movement and bark going for it.

Ten months later, this one is shaping up very well. I love the low branch, with the remainder being high up in the tree. I think I’ll have something unique in this specimen.

The trunk base is 1.5″, and the height 22″. The pot is a tremendous piece by Lary Howard.

Beautiful natural Water-elm clump, photo taken in August of 2018.

Just seven months later, here’s Water-elm #35. The growth will quickly bring this specimen to a high degree of ramification this year.

The trunk base is 3″ across, with the height about 22″. The pot is an exquisite piece by Lary Howard.

That’s all for now. Let me know what you think.