Progression – Yaupon 1


This native Yaupon, Ilex vomitoria, was collected in January of 2014.  By August of the same year I wired and positioned the new shoots to form the branch structure and the new apex.

Yaupon in training - photo 1









11/30/2014 – 1

Yaupon11-30-14-2By November of 2014 the tree had grown out vigorously, and was in need of a final trim for the year.













11/30/2014 – 2

After trimming of the lower branches.










11/30/2014 – 3

The leader has been shortened.  It will be allowed to grow out again in 2015, to continue creating the tapering transition where the original chop was made.









The tree was potted into this vintage container in early 2015.  This photo is from October of 2015 after another season of growth, focusing on the apical leader and ramification of the lower branches.  The leader has been cut back again.









10/30/2015 – 1

Details of some of the refining work done in late 2015.






Yaupon10-30-15-310/30/2015 – 2







10/30/2105 – 3














10/30/2015 – 4















9/9/2016 – 1

Yaupon9-9-16-2After most of another year of development.  The foliage pads are filling in nicely, and the apex is starting to take its final shape.  The tapering transition is almost perfect at this point.









9/9/2016 – 2

Detail of the apex.







The final shot for this bonsai’s third growing season.  It needs repotting in 2017, and finishing work in the apex.