Progression – Chinese Privet 1


This Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense, was collected in Winter 2011 as a bare trunk.  You can see where the main trunk was chopped off, taking the trunk line to a smaller-caliper leader which itself was chopped at an appropriate spot where it stopped tapering.  The new leader and the branches were grown out from trunk buds, and wired into position.







A couple of months later, I already have a nice set of branches and a nice design under way.  The start of ramification, too!










Six more weeks, and much more development.  Privets grow very quickly!










And another two months’ worth of growth.  This privet has completely filled out in only five months.










A final look, in Winter of 2012.  Repotted into a fine Byron Myrick rectangle.  The tree went on to one of my very good clients a few months later.