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Swamp Maple

Swamp maples are uncommonly grown as bonsai, but they have beautiful bark and leaves which do actually reduce in bonsai culture.

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This Swamp maple was collected in February of 2020.  The trunks have great character, especially the larger one; they also complement one another beautifully.  Today (6/16) I did the initial styling.  The leader will be regrown after being cut back, in order to build the tapering transition.  I'll let it grow without trimming again for most of the rest of the season.  In 2021 most of the finer crown development will be completed, and I believe it'll be ready for a slip-potting by mid-year.

The base of the larger tree is 2" across at the soil, while the height is currently about 19".

Estimated Age: 20 years
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