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Dwarf Jade (‘Spekboom’)

The Dwarf jade, otherwise known as ‘Spekboom’ in its native Africa, is a delightful succulent commonly grown as bonsai. It’s tropical by nature, so can do well indoors as long as you give it enough light. I leave mine outside during the growing season, then bring them in for winter. I enjoy having one on my desk when it’s really cold outside. Dwarf jade is drought-tolerant and grows with abandon during the heat of summer.

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This Dwarf jade was grown from a cutting started in 2018. It has been through a number of directional cuts to produce movement and taper in the trunk. The secondary trunk was originally grown to thicken the main trunk, but I decided the specimen works very well as a semi-cascade so I designed it that way and potted it up. The Chuck Iker square with cloud feet is perfect for this specimen. The base is right at 1", and the height of the main trunk is 7.5".

Age: 2 years from a cutting
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Dimensions 1 × 7.5 in
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