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Dwarf Jade (‘Spekboom’)

The Dwarf jade, otherwise known as ‘Spekboom’ in its native Africa, is a delightful succulent commonly grown as bonsai. It’s tropical by nature, so can do well indoors as long as you give it enough light. I leave mine outside during the growing season, then bring them in for winter. I enjoy having one on my desk when it’s really cold outside. Dwarf jade is drought-tolerant and grows with abandon during the heat of summer.

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This Dwarf jade is now 4 years from a cutting. It's continued to grow, despite the small pot, and I recently (April 2023) repotted it into a larger Chuck Iker round to give it more space and better proportions. It measures 9" tall from the soil surface.

Age: 4 years from a cutting
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Delivery: Ships now if it's not freezing where you are.

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