Pine Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality pine bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Loblolly12-19-15-3Loblolly pine – Pinus taeda

1.25″ trunk base, 21.5″ to the tip of the new leader (finished height).

This one will be representative of the tall pines you often see.  Initial wiring and shaping today (12/19/15).  It shouldn’t be difficult to get the crown to fill in next year.  Also ready for a bonsai pot this coming spring.

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Price: $95

Item # Loblolly3pre









UPDATED PHOTO – wire removed, time for winter rest

Loblolly pine – Pinus taeda

1.25″ trunk base, 16″ to the tip of the new leader (finished height).

Nice classic pine-tree shape in the making.  I’m working on chasing back the lower branches.  Loblolly backbuds well enough to make this happen relatively quickly.  Check out the before picture below to see how fast this one is taking shape.

This tree can go into a bonsai pot in 2016.

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Price: $110

Item # Loblolly2pre



Pine pre-bonsai

Before photo.









Loblolly pine – Pinus taeda

1.25″ trunk base, 25″ tall

I just wired this tree for the second time and trimmed it back.  Loblolly pine is much easier to grow than Japanese black pine.  It grows much more vigorously, backbuds extremely well, and has that typical Southern pine look about it. This one is from nursery stock, about 5-10 years old.  Good trunk movement, and I’ve been chasing the branches back this year.  The interior foliage will continue to tighten up in 2015.

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$95 SALE! $75

Item # Loblolly1pre


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