I lifted this ground-grown Crape myrtle specimen last summer. From a bare trunk it grew shoots very quickly, and I was able to wire the complete structure in the same season.

This is the same tree, nine months later. It’s got a nice structure and the leader is developing well. I will need to cut it back hard after the spring flush, which will thicken the transition point, and by this coming fall this will be a very nice Crape myrtle bonsai. The flowers are purple, and it’s almost certain to bloom this summer (and every summer).

The pot is a custom piece by Byron Myrick.

I expect to post this tree for sale once it has recovered from potting, most likely by the end of March.

I have a bunch of gallon-size Parsley hawthorns I haven’t planted out yet. Why not make a group planting with a few of them?

A nice result. If you have some smaller stock that you’d like to do something with, group plantings are a good answer. You get a nice bonsai right away.

The trunks on the larger two specimens are 1/2″, and the height of the planting is 16″. The pot is a terrific piece by Lary Howard.

This specimen should be posted for sale in mid- to late-April.