The weather was dodgy today, meaning we had a torrential downpour all across South Louisiana. We did have the good fortune to be able to collect a few nice trees before the sky really opened up, however. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how we did.
This is the biggest tree we got today, and probably the most unusual. Out in the wild, Cypresses tend to grow with very straight trunks that sometimes feature just a little movement. This particular specimen evidently had something happen to it when it was much younger, and it subsequently righted itself which produced a neat curve in the trunk.
The tree looks good from either side. I’m thinking this may be the better front. What’s your preference? The trunk is 6″ across 6″ above the soil surface, and it’s 27″ to the chop. This is going to be a powerful Bald cypress bonsai.
How about a formal upright BC? I collected this one because of the terrific fluting and buttressing all around. It’s a classic specimen BC. The trunk is 5″ 5″ above the soil, and it’s chopped at 24″.
This is probably my favorite from today’s group. The trunk is 4″, and it’s chopped at 25″, but I just love the buttressing roots, fluting, trunk movement, and taper. I see a very nice informal upright Bald cypress bonsai with this one. I think I’ll hold it for training.
Our BC stock is growing for 2018. I’m planning two or three more trips, so I should have something for everyone who’s contacted us. Stay tuned.