monster bald cypress available

Sneak Peek

We always bring home a selection of very large Bald cypresses each collecting season. Here’s one that’s available for someone looking for a “statement” BC.

Monster Bald Cypress Available

We brought home this monster Bald cypress in early January of this year. Unlike most of the rest of the BC’s we got, this one swelled a few buds early on a very small branch it came home with, but didn’t do anything else for almost two months afterward. It finally started showing some promise after our snow and ice storm, and the next thing you knew it just took off. Here’s the initial shot from today.

When you’re in the recovery phase of a large BC, you have a few things to keep on top of. One is your chosen leader, the other is the lower branches – the former because you don’t need competition for that all-important apex-builder, the latter because the tree will push most of its energy right to the top. In this photo, you can see I’ve removed all of the competition for the chosen leader. That will help strengthen it as the growing season progresses.

This is one of those trees that has more than one potential front. Here I’ve turned it to show you what I mean. There’s no doubt the tree has good basal flare and fluting from either angle, but this view definitely shows deeper fluting. You can certainly go with this front; all that will be needed is to wait for a new shoot on this side to emerge and let that be your leader.


For the really big and/or interesting trees, I like to take “naked” shots to show more trunk detail. Here’s this guy from the front, on the day of collection.


And the back view, day of collection.

If you’re looking for that big statement BC for your collection, you can’t go wrong with this specimen. It’s now for sale at our Shop page. The price includes standard shipping, and the tree will go out this fall.