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Huckleberry – Vaccinium Sp.

I collected this specimen in January.  Nice trunk movement, taper and character; good rootage.  It can be left this tall or chopped to either of the two lower stubs on the trunk.  Pushing buds now.  The trunk base is 1.75″, and it’s chopped at 15.5″.

Age about 15-20 years.

Ships in May.

Price: $135 (delivered)

Item # Huck2pre






Huckleberry – Vaccinium Sp.

Here’s a nice small specimen collected this January.  Wonderful trunk character and good movement.  Pushing buds now.  The trunk base is 1.25″, and it’s currently chopped at 9″.  The leader could stand to be chopped again, but this should wait until summer once the growth has really filled out.

Age about 10-15 years.

Ships in May.

Price: $95 (delivered)

Item # Huck4pre




Muscadine – Vitis Rotundifolia

This is our native grape down here in the South, and they also grow across the Southeast and up to Delaware.  I grew up eating them in late summer when they fell from vines growing in our trees.  I still pick up a few and eat them whenever I can.

I collected this specimen in Winter 2015, and left it alone to grow out through 2016.  This year I potted it into this nice Chuck Iker round that complements the dark sections of bark.

As with most vines, Muscadine isn’t amenable to wiring so you have to use grow and clip to style it.  The good news is, the species backbuds very well as you pinch and prune it.  The leaves will get smaller with no unusual effort needed on your part.

The trunk base is 1.5″, and the tree is 16″ tall overall.  I’d estimate the age at 20+ years.

Ships now.

Price: $235 (delivered)

Item # Muscbonsai1



Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo) – Ginkgo Biloba

Nice little Ginkgo bonsai from a seed that’s about 6 or 7 years old.  Just potted this year into a nice Chuck Iker round, it has a great upright tree shape which is typical for the species.  The trunk base is 3/4″ in diameter and it’s 15″ tall.  Easy to train, just pinch the new growth (they don’t take to wiring).

Ships now.

Price: $135 (delivered)

Item # Ginkgobonsai2





Trumpet Vine – Campsis Radicans

This Trumpet vine grew up into the fig tree my mother gave me many years ago.  I collected it – no mean feat, mind you – two years ago and put it into a nursery pot.  This year I decided it was time to make a bonsai out of it, and this is the result.  A nice literati bonsai.  It seems to like its new home.

The trunk base on this one is 1.25″, and it’s about 16″ tall.  Age about 10 years.  The pot is a nice round by Chuck Iker.

Ships in mid-July.

Price: $175 (delivered)

Item # Trumpetbonsai3




Huckleberry – Vaccinium Species

Collected in Winter 2017 and direct-potted into this nice Chuck Iker round, this Huckleberry features nice bark and trunk character and good taper for the species.  I did the initial wiring on it today (4/14/17), and by late next month the branches should be hardening off enough to allow for shipping.

The trunk base is 1″ at the soil level, and the finished height for the tree should be about 14″.

Ships in late May.

Price: $125 (delivered)

Item # Huckbonsai1









Wisteria – Wisteria Floribunda

“The Accidental Wisteria Bonsai” in the making (more on it)

Here in Deep South plantation country, Japanese wisteria was introduced in the 1830s by local horticulturists.  The species could not have been happier with the move, meaning they literally grow like weeds all around where I live.  This also means we have many specimens that are literally over a hundred years old.  Considering the age of the tree this one was clinging to and its size, a hundred years is not out of the question.

This one has bloomed every year since about year three in a tub.  In the early going it did what collected Wisterias do, namely, a lot of the trunk rotted away.  The rot has now arrested, leaving only solid “wood.”  So this is a nice stable specimen now, with some gnarly shari in back (I like this view better; the trunk has awesome character).

I haven’t trimmed it yet, as I’m waiting for the bloom to end (it peaked about a week ago).  But it’s very healthy after a repotting last year, and can ship out this year.

The trunk is 6″ across above the root crown.  The rootage measures 16″ across the front facing expanse, about 10″ front to back.  It’s 30″ to the tip of the leader.  Next year it can go into a bonsai pot and won’t miss a beat.

Ships now.

Price: $695 (delivered)

Item # Wisteria1pre







Huckleberry – Vaccinium Sp.

Here’s something different, our most common local blueberry down here in the South.  Huckleberries are one of the first species to bloom after the first of the year, actually coming into bloom in late winter.  When the berries ripen they’re small, dark blue and delicious!

This one is a 5-trunk clump or connected-root style with a pretty neat shape already.  You can keep the two smallest trunks or eliminate them.  Either way this will be a very cool and unusual bonsai.

The largest trunk is 1″ in diameter, and the height of the clump at present is 16″.  Just starting to push buds.

Ships in spring.

Price: $115 (delivered)

Item # Huck1pre



A closeup of the beautiful new foliage.




Here’s what the flowers look like.
















10 Replies to “Miscellaneous Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai”

  1. Rick Grace

    Hi Zach! Will you add. #trumpet bonsai1 to my inventory of trees. Are we square on money? Bill me for the Trumpet. Thanks, Rick Grace

  2. Lisa Smith

    Hi Zach, I can’t find the care sheet for the crape bonsai I bought this spring from you. It’s the twin trunk “crapebonsai2” I’m living in zone 7 in maryland and I’m worried about how this tree and the riverflat Hawthorne bonsai are going to fare in the coming winter. Especially since they were used to a milder winter down south. I have a shed with a window but I was also debating buying a coldframe to put next to the house to keep these and my other bonsai from freezing. I have a Chinese elm, juniper, boxwood, a very small maple bonsai, a clump maple and a group planting of little jamie. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Zach Smith Post author

      Lisa, I sent you the care sheets for the crape and hawthorn. Depending on how cold it gets where you are, your shed will work fine for the deciduous species and the juniper and pine may be able to stay outdoors on the ground. If you get temps much below 10F, a cold frame would be best. You can do a search for “cold frames for bonsai” to get some ideas on how to make one.

  3. robert gardner


    I really like you new Crab apple trees. I have one about 5 years old picked it up from San Diego after almost losing it from root rot, which didn’t notice right away, change the soil removed all the damaged roots and it is very happy. Gave me awesome blooms the last two years. No apples but soon maybe.
    I love crab apple would like to get some of your but just picked up a Japanese white pine
    imported from Japan need to recover some costs.
    Keep posting trees and don’t ever stop collecting.

    thanks for all the information
    Bob G.


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