I showed you this tree last week, specifically to demonstrate how far you can come in just a year’s time. The tree was also showing some fall color. Well, a week later and the color has continued to develop. The leaves will be off this tree before long, possibly as a result of a rain or winter storm, and that will be that till spring. But that’s not the point of this post.

In studying the tree recently I found what I think is a better front. From this view the tree seems more “open.” Still a fine branch set and good trunk movement and character, but this view just seems to have more going for it. So that’s a decision made.


The pot’s nice and all, but would the tree look better in this pot? I believe it would.

I’m a brave slip-potter. This one has all the roots it needs to maintain intracellular pressure through winter. So I’m not concerned about moving the tree from one home to another, even at this time of year.

Yes, this is a much better bonsai with the pot change.

The pot is a fine piece by Lary Howard. The rich dark color really complements the tree (nice contrast with the fall color, but it’ll also look great come spring with the fresh green foliage).

So how’d I do?