So last year I slip-potted this Cedar elm, Ulmus crassifolia, in September. It’s a nice specimen that looks great with a bit of a slant in its planting angle. As I’ve noted before, I need to ground-layer some roots in front of the tree. This will be a simple task this year.

If you look more closely at this photo, you can see where I grew a new leader last year, then cut it to a smaller new leader. This is how you build the crown of your tree. Early this season, I cut back the leader you see here. In the videos below, you’ll be able to see how the tree responded.

Here’s the first part of today’s work. I’m focused on the two low branches of this tree, which are actually emerging from the same spot in back of the tree. This is obviously not the ideal situation, but as I mention in the video we get what the tree gives us and we make it work. In fact, solving problems is perhaps the key to bonsai success.

And the final video for today.

I’d love some feedback on these videos. Though it took a fair bit of effort to create and post them, I think it’s a good bit easier to convey useful information in short videos than in photos. If you agree, please let me know.