We’ve just about reached the last gasp of growth for 2015. Summer always takes a toll, sometimes more sometimes less. But our main goal is to endure, and prepare our trees for the coming dormancy while anticipating 2016.

I’ve put everything on sale for Labor Day, just in case there’s something you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t quite pull the trigger on. This is not the best time of year to acquire new trees, but with sufficient time for them to complete food storage it’s actually not a bad time to get something you really want.

Cypress6-7-15-1Here’s my last bald cypress, Taxodium distichum, from the 2015 offerings; it hasn’t quite found a home yet. The trunk base on this one is 4″ in diameter, and it tapers rapidly to the chop at 23″ above the soil. I’ll probably do an initial styling on this tree next spring, but at this point I’m not at all sure what style I’ll be going for. I’m thinking flat-top. Maybe you’ve got some ideas. The sale price on this tree is $295 (includes shipping), which I think is great for a tree this size. If you’re interested, just click on this link to access our Bald Cypress Bonsai page.







This riverflat hawthorn, Crataegus opaca, is one of two I have for sale. This species is much less plentiful than the Mayhaws I usually find, and you just can’t beat the bark!

I’m developing this tree into a broom-form style, which will reflect the typical hawthorn shape in nature. In 2016 I should be able to complete the primary branch structure and begin working on the secondary branching. The new apex is developing just as I need it to. If you look closely you can see the smooth tapering from base to where the original trunk forked off – and where I made an angled cut to the smaller leader – then into the new apical shoot that grew from a trunk bud this year, which was cut to a side shoot to make a still slimmer leader. There are a couple more years ahead for fleshing out the crown of this tree, but there’s really no difficulty in getting this accomplished.

This tree is on sale for only $160 (price includes shipping) at our Hawthorn Bonsai page. The trunk base is 1.75″ in diameter, height to the tip of the new apex is 18″, and the tree has good radial surface rootage. It’s a mature tree, as shown by the bark, estimated age 30 years. A great addition to any collection.

Our Labor Day Sale runs through Sunday the 13th.