it’s happening – sunshine, warmth and foliage

Sneak Peek

It’s hard to describe how you feel when after bitter cold, snow and ice, you finally get sunshine warmth, and foliage on your bonsai!

It’s Happening – Sunshine, Warmth and Foliage

It’s so great to finally be getting some sunshine, warmth and foliage on my trees! So great, in fact, that I just wanted to post a quick blog featuring a few Huckleberries, which have beaten all of my other species to the punch this year (even the Chinese elms, which are certainly not far behind).

I potted this one recently and posted a blog about it. Today it’s up for sale at our Shop.

I’ve kept you updated on this specimen as it’s developed over the past few years. There are fewer blossoms this year, but that’s fine – I’m looking for more ramification and development of that leader on the right-hand trunk.

It’s year two for this big one. I love how the foliage is a mixture of green and magenta. Very inspiring at this time of year. Not to mention it’s got a good show of blossoms.

If you haven’t tried Huckleberry (or any of the Blueberries) as bonsai, I can’t recommend them more highly.