This winter has been pretty awful. In addition to being colder than usual, it’s also been wetter than usual. That does not make for a pleasant time.

Just over the past few days we’ve seen temperatures moderate a bit – and by that I mean it gets into the 60s during the day. Everything’s still ugly, but if temps continue like this (and that’s the prediction) then certain species are likely to start swelling their buds. The other day I noticed buds on an American elm I collected last month. Bald cypress is absolutely one of the best at this. I went out this evening to take a look at everything, and one of my cypresses from last fall I’m holding for a client has buds that are about to open! These trees all come from south of here, and as I’ve mentioned before they often exhibit “memory” of where they came from. What this means is, my very large cypresses in the yard that I planted 18 years ago will sit there for another month with no activity at all. The collected trees from down south will be out by then and making shoots. Very exciting!

In the meantime, here’s a fun thing to do. Help me figure out the best front for this large BC.


Option #1

When I pot these specimens in plastic tubs, I always pick what I think is the best front. Usually I get it right. But not always. In this case, you can’t argue with the nice movement in the trunk and the buttressing roots. This is a really nicely buttressed BC, with great taper and character.

Option #2

When I was watering this evening, this view of the tree caught my eye. It is more or less from the left rear corner of the tub as seen in photo 1. Once again there’s beautiful buttressing and flaring. In addition, this view has a broader surface spread than the first one. I’m thinking that it makes a bigger visual impression this way. So now I’m torn.