I’d Like Your Opinion On This

After posting yesterday’s blog, a reader commented that I should include a standard reference object in order to make it easier to gauge the size of certain trees.  Here’s a photo of the really big two-tree Bald cypress specimen I showed you yesterday:

I’ve never done this before though I have seen other vendors do it, so I’m wondering what you think.  The Swamp Pop bottle measures 2.25″ in diameter at the base.  The larger of the two trees measures 7″ across 7″ above the soil surface.  Does the bottle help put it into perspective?

6 Replies to “I’d Like Your Opinion On This”

  1. Tim

    I use a backdrop with small marks every 6 inches and big ones every 12… But anything that people would regularly hold in their hands really helps. Does that beer say swamp? Haha perfect

  2. Luke Omohundro

    I think the reference object is really helpful for scale. Unfortunately it does take away a little from the natural beauty – maybe one of each?


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