how big is that crape, really?

Sneak Peek

I first posted on this big Crape last month when I lifted it. Someone asked, Will it survive? Boy, has it!

How Big is that Crape, really? And the Iris is spreading.

I left off here with the monster Crape myrtle I lifted last month. This photo was taken a few weeks after the tree was potted up.


A reader asked, “Will it survive?” That’s the obvious question for a tree collected outside the normal collecting season. Well, here we are just over a month later. I think the tree speaks for itself.

Remember I said it was big, and I even gave some numbers as proof. But how big is it, really?

It often helps to have a scale to go by. I don’t like beer bottles in my photos, or tape measures. But I figured a hand and a hand-sized Spekboom would put things in perspective.

This is a big Crape myrtle!

I published a couple of photos of this Louisiana iris a year ago. It’s one of those fun experiments I’m conducting. In this shot, the plant is just starting to get accustomed to its new home.

I had gone through the development step of removing that arching part of the rhizome, which I didn’t think would work out well long-term. That left me with a little tuft of blades.

A year later, my iris is spreading nicely across the pot. The blades are fairly tall, but not too tall. The good news is, they’re about half the normal width. I take this as a good sign.

In 2021, I expect the iris to spread some more, meaning the rhizome will continue to colonize the pot like any good root system would. Once it gets sufficiently root-bound, I should see much more miniaturization of the plant.

Hopefully I’ll have the next episode of this accent to post sometime next year.