Happy Halloween From Me And The Dragon

Today’s Halloween, and Halloween is my birthday, so I took the day off and it turned out to be a perfect day to do some work on the Dragon, my super-duper Water-elm (Planera aquatica).  For those of you unfamiliar with this tree, here it is in “stick” form back in Summer 2015.  A not-so-humble beginning – trunk base 5.5″ across, 42″ in length, nice “dragony” trunk.





Here it is back in July, after getting wired and growing and getting unwired and trimmed.











Here’s the first shot from this morning.  The tree is developing right on schedule.  But it does need to have the dead wood treated with lime sulfur.  It’s mostly very durable, but I don’t want to see any insect damage.









After the trim and treatment.  I’ll pot up this tree in the spring, once I have the custom pot in hand that I’ll be ordering soon.  I also need to carve out the shari into the new apex.  Easy stuff.










I caught a glimpse of this tree from another angle, and wondered if I had the front right.  I think there are definitely two options.  This one seems a good bit more dramatic.  What do you think?  Speak before it gets potted in spring!

16 Replies to “Happy Halloween From Me And The Dragon”

  1. Richard Dorfman

    Love this tree, Zach. Undoubtedly one of a kind. Excited to watch its development.
    I favor the 2nd front – way more dramatic!

  2. tim

    I agree. The new front gives it movement left and right instead of just moving in one direction. It almost looks like you could make it cascade to the right (I’ve been trying to think outside of the box) but the id go with upright. Happy birthday!!! My sons was the 28th. Gotta love the fall!!!


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