Living in the Deep South has some advantages. Fall color on bonsai trees is not one of them. So imagine my surprise when I noticed this guy last evening
Lovely fall color, right? Crapes tend to produce fall color down here when most other deciduous species just end up with ugly leaves that fall off. So God bless them. I’ve got splashes of color on my benches right now thanks to the Crapes. You may recognize this tree as my legacy Crape myrtle from Allen Gautreau. I repotted it this year and began the redesign work vital to improving the tree. It’s a bit overgrown, but I needed it to grow out this year before getting another hard pruning this coming spring. I should be able to achieve nice ramification in 2018. Another repotting may be needed in 2019; I’ll know better then. Crapes are super-rooters. I hope you’re having some nice fall color where you are.