Crape Myrtle Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Crape myrtle bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Crapemyrtle7-12-16-1UPDATED PHOTO – just starting its first blooming

Crape myrtle – Lagerstroemia Indica

Grown from a cutting, age 5 years.  Exposed-root style (neagari).  Trunk base is just under 1″, height 9.5″.  Beautiful Chuck Iker tray.  Flowers are purple.

Ships now.

Price: $145 (delivered)

Item # Crapebonsai3



Crapemyrtle4-25-15Crape myrtle – Lagerstroemia indica

Nice five-trunk group, clump style, 5 years from a cutting.  Biggest trunk is 1/2″ by 16″ in height.  Flowers are purple.  This tree should go into a bonsai pot this summer.

Ships now.

Price: $85

Item # Crape3pre