American Elm (Amelmbonsai9)

American Elm – Ulmus Americana

I just love this American elm bonsai-in-the-making.  I lifted the tree this past summer and it quickly found itself in this unique Chuck Iker rectangle.  I did the initial styling in July, and have just done minor trimming since while the tree did its own thing.  There’s no ramification yet, but I can guarantee you it’ll happen easily in 2018.  Be prepared to pinch frequently, and this little specimen is going to really look great by next summer.  Isn’t the trunk character great?

The base is 0.75-1″ across, and the tree is 14″ tall.

Estimated Age: 5-7 years

SOLD: $145 (delivered)

American Elm (Amelmbonsai8)

American Elm – Ulmus Americana

I’ve been growing this specimen in the field for the past few years, and I decided this year that it was time to lift and style it.  Originally I was planning a standard informal upright style, but it had thrown multiple shoots near the chop point so I went with what the tree had in mind.  It’s off to a good start, just needs to grow out for the rest of 2017 and get cut back hard next spring for the next round of development.

The trunk base is 1.5″, and the tree is 10″ tall.  Beautiful Chuck Iker pot.

Estimated Age: 5-7 years

SOLD: $165 (delivered)

American Elm (Amelmbonsai4)

American Elm – Ulmus Americana

I just dug this specimen today (1/24/16) because I felt it could go directly into a bonsai pot and, well, winter sucks and I needed a bonsai activity to keep me going.  This one has the classic deciduous tree shape.  I collected it a few years ago and put it into a nursery container.  Two years ago I put it in the ground for stronger growth, which I got.  With a decent branch set to establish the basic design, there was no reason not to pot it.

The trunk base is right at 1.5″ and it’s 19″ tall.  Nice trunk character.  Roots are good but need a few years to thicken.  There’s already some ramification on this specimen, but this should take a real leap forward in 2016.  The pot is very nice, but because it has a wobble (doesn’t sit flat) I’m considering it a training pot.

SOLD: $140 (delivered)


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