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9 Replies to “Contact Zach”

  1. E.A.

    Appreciate your descriptive and informative blogs. I too like Hawthorne.. Enjoy how you mention the pottery maker as well. Many thanks.

  2. nancy Majewski

    Hi Zach, The Crape Myrtle arrived on Wedneday–in good
    condition. I like it. I was not able to send this message to! Don’t know why, it said this as not a valid email address??? Oh well hoping this gets to you.

  3. Clem

    It just doesn’t cease to amaze me for all of the great information and hints you hand out it amazes me, I have done bonsai for a great number of years pretty much on my own and done a fair job but have learned a lot from your blogs I want to congratulate on your new one I think its outstanding, makes me wish I was a lot younger.


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