Here are a few trees that will be posted for sale in 2016 (among many others).

Chineseelm10-3-15I just love Chinese elm forests. This one is composed of five trees, with the largest having a basal trunk thickness of 1″. The planting is 19″ in height. Paul Katich crafted the beautiful tray.

This forest will continue filling in next year, and the trunks should take on that nice whitish appearance that makes them look old.








Where this one began this past February.











I’ve been working on this little sweetgum for a few years now. It’s been entirely container-grown. Trunk is just over 1″ in diameter, height 14″.









Here’s the same tree last year. How’s that for rapid development?












Water-elm-clump10-3-15This water-elm clump measures 8″ across the root base from the front view, 4″ from the side. Height is 17″. Next spring it needs to go into a smaller pot.

To see the history of this water-elm clump, click here.