With just about everything starting to push buds now, collecting season has come to an end. Yesterday I was able to lift some more Cedar elms, including this nice specimen. I should know fairly soon if I was successful.

Here’s another nice specimen, “barky” and with some branching that can probably be used in the design. Great character.

This one is fairly tall, but it’s got loads of character and the entire trunk is complete including the apex. It won’t take long to finish out this design.

I found a couple of nice Sweetgums also. This one’s a natural twin-trunk, with some branching already in place.

Finally, I though it might be worth giving this species a try. It’s a Sassafras (S. albidum). It’s my understanding that they’re not easy to maintain in pot culture, so that could make the experiment short-lived. But you don’t know if you don’t try.

Let me know what you think of these trees.