Chinese Privet Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Chinese privet bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Chinese Privet – Ligustrum Sinense

Collected in Winter 2017, this is a hunky, masculine privet.  It features amazing taper and a stout trunk with great character.  The surface rootage is buried to protect it.  Come spring, this tree will be loaded with buds that will allow a complete branch structure to be created in this growing season.  Privets grow so fast that this one should be just about in showable condition by the end of the 2018 growing season.

The trunk base is 3″ across, and it’s chopped at 14″.  Final height should be 18″.  Age about 20 years.

Ships in spring.

Price: $275 (delivered)

Item # Chpriv8pre


Another view of this tree.












Chinese Privet – Ligustrum Sinense

Collected in Winter 2015, I just did the initial styling on this privet today (9/3/16) and potted it into this nice Chuck Iker rectangle.  Great tapering trunk with good character and movement.  Nice rootage.  I’m thinking an informal open-crown style for this one.

The trunk base is 1.5″ and the finished height should be about 8″.  Age about 5-7 years.

Ships in late September.

Price: $95

Item # Chprivetbonsai12


Privet6-18-16-1UPDATED PHOTO – more trimming; the tree is filling in now

Chinese Privet – Ligustrum Sinense

Collected in Winter 2016 and direct-potted into this very nice Byron Myrick oval, this privet got its initial styling on 4/23/16 and a trim on 5/27/16.  I love the graceful, tapering trunk.  With the rapid growth typical of privet, this bonsai will be presentable by fall.

The trunk base is 1.5″ and the finished height should be about 16″.  Age about 10-15 years.

Ships now.

Price: $155

Item # Chprivetbonsai11



Privet1-18-16Chinese Privet – Ligustrum Sinense

UPDATED PHOTO – winter branching

This one needs to go into its first bonsai pot this spring.  Base is 1.5″, height 13″.  Age about 15 years.  Nice graceful trunk, good nebari.

Ships now or in spring depending on where you are.

Item # Chpriv5pre

Price: $85








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    • Daniel Barker

      Please put me on your mailing list.
      I’m trying to decide if my local (New York State) elm saplings are good candidates for Bonsai. The leaves are much thinner than the Texas variety.
      Any idea?


      • Zach Smith Post author

        You’re on my email list, Daniel. As for elms, I don’t of any that are not good for bonsai. You may have American elm where you are, in which case you couldn’t ask for a better subject.


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