Chinese Elm Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Chinese elm bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Chinese Elm – Ulmus Parvifolia

From a field-grown specimen lifted this spring.  It’s off to a good start, with some initial wiring done earlier in the season and grow and clip for the rest.  I absolutely love the structure of this tree.  The root base is very nice, and the trunk has developed good character over the past few years.  Age about 7 years.

Trunk base 1″, height 12″.  Lovely Chuck Iker pot.

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Price: $145 (delivered)

Item # Chelmbonsai11



chineseelm10-7-16-2Chinese Elm – Ulmus Parvifolia

This bonsai was made from a cutting first rooted in 2010 and container grown since that time.  The trunk has been developed using the “grow and chop” method, meaning the tree was grown to a couple of feet then chopped to a low bud, then grown out to about six feet tall and chopped again, and then wired to produce the branch structure you see here.  Potted into this nice Chuck Iker round on 10/1/16, the tree’s structure will be complete in 2017.

Trunk base 1″, height from the soil 10″.  Nice radial rootage.

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Price: $110 (delivered)

Item # Chelmbonsai10