Cedar Elm Bonsai & Pre-Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Cedar elm bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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UPDATED PHOTO – wired branches!

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

Here’s an attractive three-tree planting that I just assembled today (7/9/17) from material collected in April.  The main tree has a trunk base of 1″, and the planting has an overall height of 16″ from the soil surface.  Potted in a beautiful Chuck Iker round.  I’d estimate the age of these trees at 6-10 years.  Today (7/12/17) I wired most of the branches and the leaders on the three trees.

Ships in late July.

Price: $245 (delivered)

Item # Cedarelmbonsai4


UPDATED PHOTO – fresh new growth!

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This Cedar elm was field-grown for the past four years.  I lifted it in October of 2016, and it responded by throwing new growth all the way into winter!  Only recently has the old foliage fallen and been replaced with nice fresh spring growth.  This tree will continue growing with extreme vigor in 2017, which will allow a basic design to be created.  The trunk base is 1.5″ and it’s chopped at 13″.  Nice informal upright bonsai-to-be.  Age about 5-7 years.

Ships in May.

Price: $95 (delivered)

Item # Cedarelm2pre