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Sneak Peak

It’s common to have to redesign bonsai over time. A branch dies; you find a better front; and in the case of established forest plantings you lose trees, which have to be replaced. Here’s one of those cases, and what I’m thinking of doing about it. But would you?

test comments

What if the original forest, with its original focal specimen, suddenly became the smaller trees? I’m thinking that the big tree will look best not out front, which is typical, but rather as a towering specimen that pushes the forest perspective in what would be the opposite direction from normal practice. We try to create the impression of depth in our forest plantings by having larger trees placed toward the front of the container. This is the most common way of doing things, and it works great. But who’s to say you can’t reverse that, under the right circumstances, and end up with a forest planting that works visually and artistically.

I’m thinking I’m going to do this soon. The question is, Would you?

Stay tuned for updates.



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Low-key and subtle … this is how anyone who knows Zach would describe him. Bonsai is a natural fit to his personality and his creative nature. Which is ironic considering his other job is in the technical field where there’s zero creativity; only numbers and facts.

It’s really amazing how the tranquility of shaping a tree can erase the pressures of the day. I’m guessing you can understand.

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