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We’re pleased to offer fine quality Water-elm bonsai & pre-bonsai for sale.  Water-elm is a unique, monotypic species uncommonly grown for bonsai.  The foliage is naturally small and wonderfully glossy.  The emergent,  magenta color of the new growth is stunning.

Water Elm (Waelm28pre)

Water Elm – Planera Aquatica

An August 2018 collect, this is a nice masculine Water-elm with great trunk character. I started the design in April, and the branch structure is developing quickly.  The trunk base is 2.5″ across, and it’s 18″ tall from the soil surface.  The pot is a beautiful Lary Howard piece that really complements the bark and foliage color.

Estimated Age: 35-45years

Price: $390 (delivered)

Ships 7/8/19

Item # Waelmbonsai35

Water Elm (Waelm28pre)

Water Elm – Planera Aquatica

UPDATE 5/25: This tree needed trimming today!

Collected in August of 2018, this specimen has great trunk movement and character.  It grew out strong following collection and came out fast this year, so into a bonsai pot it went!  Here we are in May (2019), and I just had to unwire and rewire the lowest left branch, which is thickening quickly.  I also had to do some light trimming, and I wired an additionl back branch which helps the design.  This tree will fill in just about completely this year.  The trunk base is 2″ across, and it’s 18″ tall from the soil surface.  The pot is an exquisite handmade piece by Lary Howard.

Estimated Age: 25-35 years

Price: $350 (delivered)

Ships 5/6/19

Item # Waelmbonsai32


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