We’re pleased to offer fine quality starter bonsai for new enthusiasts. Here you’ll find all of the species we handle, but priced right for those of you just starting out.

Water-Elm - Planera Aquatica

Here’s a very nice collected Water-elm that we found last summer. It’s grown well enough for me to give it a good initial styling. Soon I’ll do the first trim on it.

The trunk is 1″ at the soil level, and the tree should finish at about 12-14″ tall. Great trunk character and taper. Nice Chuck Iker pot.

Ships in late May.

Age: 10-15 years

SOLD: $145 (delivered)

Item #Waelmbonsai43

Crape Myrtle - Lagerstoemia Indica

This is a nice starter Crape myrtle that is four years from a cutting. I styled the tree late in 2019, and it really turned out well. It should develop quickly in 2020, and is likely to bloom.

The trunk is 1/2″ at the soil level, and the tree stands 12″ tall. The surface rootage is amazing. Very fine Chuck Iker pot.

Blooms are white.

Ships when the buds start swelling, depending on the weather where you are. Spring at the latest.

Age: 4 years

SOLD: $120 (delivered)

Item #Crapebonsai8

Japanese Boxwood - Buxus Microphylla

Another Japanese boxwood cuttings I made several years ago. I like the bark and rootage on this one, and especially the upright style. Since potting the tree a month or so ago, it’s actually put on some new growth. Nice Chuck Iker round. The tree is about 10″ tall.

Ships now if you’re in the South, in spring otherwise.

Estimated Age: 7-10 years

Price: $85 (delivered)

Item # Jboxbonsai3

Japanese Boxwood - Buxus Microphylla

I made this Japanese boxwood from a cutting several years ago. They grow pretty slowly, but they are just about indestructible and have a great appearance. I like the shape of this specimen. The Chuck Iker round suits it perfectly. The tree is about 9″ tall.

Ships now (or in a few weeks if you’re outside the fire ant quarantine zone).

Estimated Age: 7-10 years

SOLD: $85 (delivered)

Item # Jboxbonsai2

Chinese Privet - Ligustrum Sinense

Just potted today (8/25/19), this is a nice triple trunk privet specimen that should quickly develop into a nice bonsai. I think privets look great in white pots, so I used another Chuck Iker round I had handy. The largest trunk is 10″ tall.

Ships now (or in a few weeks if you’re outside the fire ant quarantine zone).

Estimated Age: 7-10 years

SOLD: $135 (delivered)

Item # Chprivbonsai15

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