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Coming in 2019: Oak bonsai & pre-bonsai for sale.  See below for examples of specimens we’ve previously offered.

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai3)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

Collected in Winter 2017, this is a nice specimen that’s really come along quickly. 

I first wired it a couple of months ago, and it subsequently threw a few more shoots so I wired and included those in the design.  Today (7/4/17) I slip-potted it into this fine Byron Myrick oval. 

On July 28th, I figured out I got the front wrong.  It happens from time to time.  So you adjust and move on with the development.  I carved the chop point and removed just a little of the growth on October 15th. 

In 2018 this tree is going to fill out fast.  The design that I began this year will be complete.

The trunk base is 1.5″, and it’s 13″ to the chop.  Finished height should be about 16-18″.  Nice taper and trunk character.

Estimated Age: 10 years

SOLD: $195 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoak5pre)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

I have been field-growing this tree for the past four years to thicken the trunk and develop taper and character.  It was lifted this past December. 

Now the growth is kicking in, so I’ve done the initial wiring on the tree to begin developing the branch structure and crown.

This tree has nice radial roots which will develop in time, and which can be exposed by raising the tree when it is placed in a bonsai pot (I recommend doing this in 2019). 

The trunk base is 2″ in diameter, and it’s 13″ to the chop.  Should finish at about 18″.

Estimated Age: 10 years

SOLD: $115 (delivered)

Live Oak (Liveoak3pre)
Live Oak (Liveoak3preB)

Live Oak – Quercus Virginiana

Collected in January 2016, this is a nice Live oak stump that I have begun to train into a classic informal upright shape. 

The trunk base is 4″ and it’s 4″ to the chop.  Nice radial roots and nice bark. 

I’ve wired up a new leader, which will be allowed to grow freely throughout the growing season.  Then in 2018 will come the next round of training.  My design plan is shown in the sketch to your left.

Estimated Age: 30 years

SOLD: $295 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai1)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

This is the three-tree group planting I blogged about a few weeks back.  There’s new growth on all the trees, and the roots are getting set for winter.

The trunk base on the main tree is 1″ in diameter, and it’s 18″ tall. 

This is a very nice oak grove – good character and excellent harmony among the trunks. 

Water oaks make nice bonsai.  The leaves are naturally small and it’s easy to get good ramification.

Custom pot by Shawn Bokeno.

Estimated Age: 8-10 years

SOLD: $185 (delivered)

Live Oak (Liveoak2pre)

Live Oak – Quercus Virginiana

I collected this specimen, which was originally planted as a landscape tree, in Winter 2016.  I chopped it low, at about 6″, in order to train it in one of the classic live oak styles.  I’ve studied the species extensively all of my adult life (here in the Deep South), and one of its forms is as a low-branching multi-trunk tree with broad, spreading sub-branches including a number which approach and often rest on the ground. 

One of the most impressive from my own life experience was a specimen we called the Picnic Oak, located on the campus of Louisiana State University where I attended college.  It had been planted many decades earlier by the legendary Steele Burden, who planted literally hundreds of live oaks not only on the LSU campus but also throughout the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  

The spreading, cascading branches of the Picnic Oak formed an almost perfect umbrella that touched the ground; students would often

picnic under the branches, or just spend time relaxing between classes.  Unfortunately, the tree died several years ago, so it’s only a memory for those of us old enough to remember.

This pre-bonsai has a 3.5″ trunk and I’ve wired into position its primary sub-branches.  In 2017, these primary branches will be cut back hard in order to promote further sub-branching.  From those sub-branches will come leaders that both rise upward and are brought down toward the soil surface.  I think this bonsai-in-the-making will take 5-8 years to reach a point where it expresses the true live oak form I have in mind.  But I can see the whole structure now.

For those of you who admire live oaks and have wanted to grow one as a bonsai, this is a great opportunity to work with one of the more extraordinary tree species known. 

Estimated Age: 20 years

SOLD: $345 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoak4pre)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

Graceful trunk on this water oak pre-bonsai lifted in June 2016. 

The best feature of this tree is the awesome base; really gnarly.  I also love the movement on this one.  Should make a nice informal upright bonsai.  Consider re-chopping the trunk in 2017.

Trunk base is 1.5″ above the root crown, height to the chop 13″; should finish at about 18″.

Estimated Age: 15 years

SOLD: $95 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoak2pre)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

Nice masculine water oak pre-bonsai collected in January 2016. 

Great root base, great trunk character and it’s growing like wildfire.  I’m shaping it into a broom-form, which is typical of oaks in the wild.

Trunk base is 2.5″, height to the chop 11.5″, should finish at about 20″.

SOLD: $125 (delivered)

Willow Oak (Wioak1pre)

Willow Oak – Quercus Phellos

Really nice pre-bonsai specimen, I lifted this one last fall and it’s just now pushing new shoots. 

I went ahead and wired the branches to get the shape of this one going during the 2016 growing season.  It should be ready for a bonsai pot next year.

Great trunk movement, taper and character. 

Base is 1.75″, height to the chop 11″.

SOLD: $110 (delivered)

Willow Oak (Willowoak12-31-15-5)

Willow Oak – Quercus Phellos

Beautiful twin-trunk specimen lifted and potted on 12/31/15.  Field-grown.

The movement and interplay between the trunks is just fantastic.  Trunk base is 2″, height to the taller chop 13.5″.  

This tree should throw a lot of buds come spring, which will allow selecting and designing an initial branch set.  Should make a presentable bonsai in about three years.

Lovely Byron Myrick rectangle.

SOLD: $185 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoak1pre5)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

Collected as a stump in Winter 2014, this tree is being developed from the ground up.  I posted a blog, “Water Oak Development,” which shows the progression of this raw material.

Trunk base is 2″, height to the tip of the new leader is 24″.

SOLD: $95 (delivered)


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