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We’re pleased to offer fine quality oak bonsai and pre-bonsai for sale.  Oaks make wonderful bonsai.  They develop quickly, ramify well, and the leaves reduce in size nicely.

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai3)

Willow Oak – Quercus Phellos

I collected this specimen in East Texas in 2017. I’ve been working on it since that time, and last year I potted it into a Byron Myrick rectangle. The pot selection bothered me – nothing wrong with the pot, it was just the wrong style pot for the style of the tree. A round was what was needed. So I just slip-potted it into this Chuck Iker round. Very much better composition. 

This tree has terrific trunk movement and character. The bark is amazing, and there’s a really cool hollow near the base.

The basic design is established, so you can work toward ramification in 2020 and beyond. I’d predict this tree will be showable in a couple of years.

The trunk base is 2″, and it’s about 16″ tall.

Estimated Age: 15-20 years

Ships in early October.

Item #Wioakbonsai2

SOLD: $265 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai3)

Live Oak – Quercus Virginiana

Collected in Winter 2016, this is a great hunky Live oak trunk that is starting to develop into a future bonsai.  The bark is amazing.  I did some carving today (9/2/19) on the chop (see photo of the back below), and you may decide you like that front better.  Your call.

This specimen needs additional growing out in order to thicken the tapering transition.  I’d estimate another few years to make it just right.  The low branching will, in time, allow you to develop the classic Live oak form.

The trunk base is 3-4″, and it’s about 20″ from the soil. 

Estimated Age: 30 years

Ships now (or in a few weeks if you’re outside the fire ant zone).

Price: $395 (delivered)

Item # Liveoak7pre

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai3)

Live Oak – Quercus Virginiana

Back view (or you can make it the front).

There are roots on the back side (I checked to be sure). I carved it to ensure it sheds water.

Water Oak (Waoakbonsai1)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

This is the three-tree group planting I blogged about a few weeks back.  There’s new growth on all the trees, and the roots are getting set for winter.

The trunk base on the main tree is 1″ in diameter, and it’s 18″ tall. 

This is a very nice oak grove – good character and excellent harmony among the trunks. 

Water oaks make nice bonsai.  The leaves are naturally small and it’s easy to get good ramification.

Custom pot by Shawn Bokeno.

Estimated Age: 8-10 years

SOLD: $185 (delivered)

Water Oak (Waoak2pre)

Water Oak – Quercus Nigra

Nice masculine water oak pre-bonsai collected in January 2016. 

Great root base, great trunk character and it’s growing like wildfire.  I’m shaping it into a broom-form, which is typical of oaks in the wild.

Trunk base is 2.5″, height to the chop 11.5″, should finish at about 20″.

SOLD: $125 (delivered)

Willow Oak (Wioak1pre)

Willow Oak – Quercus Phellos

Really nice pre-bonsai specimen, I lifted this one last fall and it’s just now pushing new shoots. 

I went ahead and wired the branches to get the shape of this one going during the 2016 growing season.  It should be ready for a bonsai pot next year.

Great trunk movement, taper and character. 

Base is 1.75″, height to the chop 11″.

SOLD: $110 (delivered)


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