Huckleberry pre-bonsai (7)

Dwarf Jade ('Spekboom') - Portulacaria Afra

This is a hand-size Dwarf jade bonsai I grew starting last year. It took on a nice shape as it grew out, ending up as a formal upright. For its size, it packs in a lot of “treeness.”

Dwarf jade is one of the species that do very well indoors. I always bring in a specimen or two for winter, to help brighten up the gloom.

This one is 7″ tall from the soil surface. The pot is a lovely round by Chuck Iker.

Ships on 4/27.

Item # Dwjadebonsai1

SOLD: $55 (delivered)

Huckleberry pre-bonsai (7)

Huckleberry - Vaccinium species

Updated photo 3/22: The blooms are gone, now we’ve got a lot of green fruit which will ripen in a month or so.

Collected in Winter 2018-2019, this is a nice Huckleberry that I did the basic development on in 2019, and this year it’s ramifying fast.

Huckleberries (which are members of the Blueberry family) flower and fruit freely in a pot.

Trunk base is 1.5″, height is 10″ to the chop; finished height should be about 14-16″. Can go to a bonsai pot now (Spring 2020).

Estimated Age: 10-15 years

Ships now if you’re in the South, spring otherwise.

Item # Huck7pre

Price: $125 (delivered)

Swampmaple bonsai (1)

Swamp Maple - Acer Rubrum 'Drumondii'

Collected in Winter 2017, this tree has really done well. I’ve been able to produce a nice branch structure and ramification in just a couple of years. This specimen is at the pinching stage. “Tall tree” style. Very elegant.

The trunk has wonderful graceful movement, and the mottling is great. The chop is showing callus top and bottom, meaning the healing process is proceeding perfectly. The wound should be completely healed in a few years.

Trunk base is 1.75″, height is 30″. The pot is a custom handmade piece by Lary Howard, really exquisite and perfectly suited to this tree.

Estimated Age: 20-25 years

Ships now if you’re in the South, in three weeks otherwise.

Item # Smaplebonsai1

SOLD: $395 (delivered)

Edible fig (C1pre)

Edible Fig - Ficus Carica

Grown from a cutting for a few years now, this Edible fig is developing the classic form of the variety. This one has fruited in the past (though not this year), so it’s likely to produce each year going forward.

Trunk base is 3/4″, height is 15″. Can go into a bonsai pot next year (a round would be best).

Estimated Age: 4 years

Ships now if you’re in the South, in three weeks otherwise.

Item # FicusC1pre

SOLD: $75 (delivered)

Chinzan azalea bonsai (1)

Satsuki Azalea 'Chinzan' - Rhododendron indicum cv.

This young specimen was originally part of a larger one. Earlier this year I wired and potted it to demonstrate how you can make nice bonsai from ordinary material. In this case we have a neat little starter bonsai. I expect it should bloom next year. Lovely Chuck Iker round.

Height is 10″.

Estimated Age: 7-10 years

Ships now if you’re in the South, in three weeks otherwise.

Item # Satsukibonsai1

SOLD: $110 (delivered)

Muscadine (Muscbonsai1)

Huckleberry – Vaccinium Sp.

I collected this specimen in January 2018.

Nice trunk movement, taper and character; good rootage. I did the initial styling on this tree earlier in 2018, and it now has a good shape.

The trunk base is 1.75″, trunk chop at 15.5″, finished height should be 20″.

Estimated Age: 15-20 years

Ships now if you’re in the South, in spring otherwise

Item # Huck2pre

SOLD: $165 (includes delivery)

Huckleberry (Huck4pre)

Muscadine – Vitis Rotundifolia

This is our native grape down here in the South, and they also grow across the Southeast and up to Delaware. I grew up eating them in late summer when they fell from vines growing in our trees. I still pick up a few and eat them whenever I can.

I collected this specimen in Winter 2015, and left it alone to grow out through 2016. This year I potted it into this nice Chuck Iker round that complements the dark sections of bark.

As with most vines, Muscadine isn’t amenable to wiring so you have to use grow and clip to style it. The good news is, the species backbuds very well as you pinch and prune it. The leaves will get smaller with no unusual effort needed on your part.

The trunk base is 1.5″, and the tree is 16″ tall overall.

Estimated Age: 20+ years

SOLD: $235 (delivered)

Maidenhair Tree - Ginkgo (Ginkgobonsai2)

Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo) – Ginkgo Biloba

Nice little Ginkgo bonsai from a seed that’s about 6 or 7 years old. Just potted this year into a nice Chuck Iker round, it has a great upright tree shape which is typical for the species.

The trunk base is 3/4″ in diameter and it’s 15″ tall.

Easy to train, just pinch the new growth (they don’t take to wiring).

SOLD: $135 (delivered)

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