We are pleased to offer fine quality Hawthorn bonsai & pre-bonsai. Hawthorns make wonderful bonsai featuring small leaves, great trunk character, and flowers that are in scale (we don’t guarantee flowering).

Hawthorn (Parsleyhaw6pre)

Parsley Leaf Hawthorn – Crataegus Marshallii

This Parsley hawthorn three-tree group was originally made in April of 2019. They’re coming out nicely now, and will be ready for their first pinching of the season in about a month.

The planting is 15″ tall. The pot is a beautiful Lary Howard round.

Estimated Age: 8 years

Ships end of March.

Price: $195 (delivered)

Item # Phawbonsai6

Hawthorn (Parsleyhaw6pre)

Parsley Leaf Hawthorn – Crataegus Marshallii

I made this Parsley hawthorn three-tree group in April of 2019. Now in its winter silhouette, you can see how quickly the trees have put on ramification. All you need to do is keep it pinched.

The planting is 16″ tall. The pot is a lovely Lary Howard round.

Estimated Age: 7 years

Ships once the buds start swelling, depending on the weather where you are. No later than spring.

SOLD: $225 (delivered)

Item # Phawbonsai7

Hawthorn (Parsleyhawbonsai1)

Parsley Leaf Hawthorn – Crataegus Marshallii

Collected in Winter 2016.

Main trunk is 1″ diameter, finished height will be 16″ (is currently 20.5″, but new leader will be cut back).

Beautiful twin-trunk with great movement and character. Upright style bonsai in the making.

I just did the initial styling on this one; most of the design will be completed by the end of this growing season.

Pot is a beautiful round by Byron Myrick.

SOLD: $165 (delivered)

Hawthorn (Hawthorn8pre)

Riverflat Hawthorn – Crataegus Opaca

A really elegant tree, great bark.

Trunk is 1.75″ in diameter, height 14″ to the chop, should finish at about 18″.

Collected in February 2015, I just did a trimming on it to bring the branches back in. It could stand a wiring now. I see a broom-form style in this one.

Growth has been strong, and this includes the roots. Very nice set of radial surface roots on this specimen.

Estimated Age: 30 years

SOLD: $185 (delivered)

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