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We are pleased to offer fine quality Cedar elm bonsai & pre-bonsai for sale.  Every collection should have one.

Cedar Elm (Cedarelm8pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This specimen was collected in February of 2019.  I just slip-potted it this month (May 2019) after the initial styling.  You can see the design I have in mind.  Nice trunk movement and it’s starting to bark up.

The trunk base is 1.25″, and it will finish at about 15″ in height.  The pot is by Lary Howard.

Age about 10 years.

Ships in late June.

Price: $175 (delivered)

Item # Celmbonsai13

Cedar Elm (Cedarelm8pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This specimen was collected in February of 2018.  I potted it last summer, and have continued to develop it since then.  As you can see, it has ramified very nicely for having been in training only a year.  The trunk has great character, including some nice bark.

The trunk base is 1.75″, and it’s 18″ tall from the soil surface.  The pot is a very nice Byron Myrick rectangle (which complements the fall color perfectly).

Age about 20 years.

Ships now.

Price: $295 (delivered)

Item # Celmbonsai5

Cedar Elm (Cedarelm8pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This specimen was collected in February of 2018.  I just wired and potted it in March 2019, and it’s now resuming growth.  The trunk base is 1″, and the height is 13″.  Lovely Chuck Iker round.  Age about 10 years.

Ships in late April or in spring if you’re in a still-cold part of the country.

Price: $145 (delivered)

Item # Celmbonsai12

Cedar Elm (Cedarelm8pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This specimen was collected in February of 2018.  For a relatively small tree, it’s loaded with character and maturity.  Featuring great trunk movement and character, not to mention bark, I’ve gotten secondary and some tertiary ramification in just a single growing season.  Initial styling and potting on 5/4/18.  Trunk base 1″, height 13″.  Stunning handmade Lary Howard oval.  Age about 10-15 years.

It’s in fall color now.  Nice!

Ships now if you’re not in the colder parts of the country; in spring otherwise.

SOLD: $175 (delivered)

Item # Celmbonsai9


Cedar Elm (Cedarelm8pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

Another specimen collected in April 2017, this one was a triple-trunk all the way.  I did the initial styling in October, and that should take us into 2018.  Note the way I have the pot tipped up; this is the best planting angle, for my money.  Regardless, it’s a good starting point for you to work from.

The trunk base is 3.5″, and the largest trunk is 9″ to the chop point.  I expect the tapering transition to be mostly smooth by the end of the 2018 growing season, assuming the leader is allowed to run properly.  From there it can be pruned back and the apex developed.  A 2-3 year project.  In the meantime, the two smaller trunks can be finished up.

SOLD: $275 (delivered)

Cedar Elm (Cedarelmbonsai4)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

Here’s an attractive three-tree planting that I just assembled today (7/9/17) from material collected in April.  The main tree has a trunk base of 1″, and the planting has an overall height of 16″ from the soil surface.  Potted in a beautiful Chuck Iker round.  I’d estimate the age of these trees at 6-10 years.  Today (8/17/17) I performed the next step in developing this forest by trimming overlong branches and bringing in the silhouette.

SOLD: $225 (delivered)

Cedar Elm (Cedarelm2pre)

Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia

This Cedar elm was field-grown for the past four years.  I lifted it in October of 2016, and it responded by throwing new growth all the way into winter!  Only recently has the old foliage fallen and been replaced with nice fresh spring growth.  This tree will continue growing with extreme vigor in 2017, which will allow a basic design to be created.  The trunk base is 1.5″ and it’s chopped at 13″.  Nice informal upright bonsai-to-be. 

Estimated Age: 5-7 years

SOLD: $95 (delivered)


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