I’m Seeing BC Buds!

This winter has been pretty awful.  In addition to being colder than usual, it's also been wetter than usual.  That does not make for a pleasant time. Just over the past few days we've seen temperatures moderate a bit - and by that I mean it gets into the 60s during...

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I’d Like Your Opinion On This

After posting yesterday's blog, a reader commented that I should include a standard reference object in order to make it easier to gauge the size of certain trees.  Here's a photo of the really big two-tree Bald cypress specimen I showed you yesterday: I've never done...

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The 2018 Bald Cypress Harvest, Part 1

Once the BC we collect this year start budding, I'll begin sending out advance photos of candidates per your requests.  For anyone not currently on our list who would like to be, just send me an email with the size you're looking for and/or budget and I'll add you. ...

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