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Bonsai Files

Welcome to the Bonsai Files! This is where you’ll find information and how-to articles about trees Zach collects and designs.

Chinese Elm Forests

  Can you guess what this is? Some background first. I field-grow Chinese elms for bonsai, and frankly you'd be hard-pressed to name a better overall species for bonsai. In fact, it's not hyperbole to state that Chinese elm is the single best deciduous species...

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A Water-Elm Gets More Interesting

  I potted up this Water-elm that we'd collected last July back in February. It's a pretty cool little twin-trunk, featuring dead wood on both trunks as well as a "flying root" on the right side. You wouldn't ordinarily want a root like that, but I thought it...

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A Dwarf Yaupon Gets Styled

  Last year I had the hedge in front of my house taken out. It had been planted when the house was built in 1982, so simple math says this specimen is at least 40 years old. The base is 6" across, and I knew there was bonsai potential when it came out of the...

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Its’ Shaggy BC Time!

  I started working on this Bald cypress last year. It's progressing very well, as you'll see when you compare these photos with the one from last year I included below. We're into summer now, and you can generally count on cypresses to take on a "shaggy"...

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