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Welcome to the Bonsai Files! This is where you’ll find information and how-to articles about trees Zach collects and designs.

Another Cedar Elm Gets Styled

This Cedar elm, Ulmus crassifolia, is now strong enough for an initial styling.  I know this because it has undergone its second round of growth following the initial recovery period.  Notice in this photo the growing tips of the shoots.  There's roots below ground!...

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What In The World Do I Do With That?

It has to be the most difficult challenge every developing bonsai artist faces: namely, staring at a piece of material that's all full of growth but which has no clear design in sight.  When I teach workshops the basic issue with every tree we work on is, "What in the...

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A Fun Friday With Cedar Elms

Here's one of the Cedar elms, Ulmus crassifolia, that I collected in March.  It's a smaller specimen, with a trunk base of 1" at the soil level, but it's packed with character.  I've been keeping an eye on it now since it first started showing buds a week after...

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