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Bonsai Files

Welcome to the Bonsai Files! This is where you’ll find information and how-to articles about trees Zach collects and designs.

Trumpet Vine Bonsai

  I lifted this Trumpet vine, Campsis radicans, in June of 2017.  Why not go straight to a bonsai pot with it?  While this is not a good idea most of the time, vines are hard to kill and are reliable at producing roots. Here's the tree a year later.  The growth...

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An American Elm Gets Potted

  Every tree you work on will eventually reach a state where it's got to go into a bonsai pot.  Sometimes we delay doing so, and while that's okay you don't want to push any tree too far or you risk decline and, of course, the D word. This American elm, Ulmus...

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Potting Up A Water-Elm

  We collected this nice smaller Water-elm in August of 2018.  By October the shoots were strong enough for an initial wiring.  Doesn't look like much, does it?  But the trunk base is 2" at the soil, and with the trunk chop at 11" I should be able to make a nice...

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A Water-Elm Gets Styled

  I love designing bonsai, and I especially love working with species that grow quickly and can be brought to a high degree of development in just a year or two. This Water-elm, Planera aquatica, came home in August of 2018.  It recovered quickly, and this spring...

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