big bald cypress gets a home

Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on this big Bald cypress since 2015. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the day when it got a home suited to it. Today it happened.

Big Bald Cypress Gets a Home

You’ve seen this big Bald cypress on a number of occasions. I’ve been working on it since it came home in 2015. I could say it’s an awesome specimen, but the tree speaks for itself. A couple of years after I started working on it, I potted it into this training pot (a Byron Myrick piece that cracked during firing – he gave it to me and I put it to good use).

The tree was last repotted in 2019. It doesn’t necessarily need repotting this year, but since I finally have THE pot there’s certainly no harm in doing so.

First, of course, the tree needs a thorough wiring and some minor trimming.

I forgot to mention that this tree was the first one to start pushing buds this year. The hard freezes we got recently did nip the new growth some, but the warm-up that’s happened in the past few days has resulted in lots more buds. The tree is certainly eager for 2021.

Here I’ve started on the right-hand side of the tree. By the way, when you find yourself wiring a tree that’s coming into bud, you obviously need to be careful not to damage the new buds … to the greatest extent you can. You will damage some buds. With BC in particular, they bud so prolifically that you’re going to knock off quite a few buds as you wire. Do your best, but don’t get too worried if you lose some buds. This is the time of year when these trees are super strong and determined to come out.


Here I’ve switched over to the left side of the tree. Ordinarily I wire from bottom to top, first branch second branch third branch and so on, but you can do it this way if you want. This is especially true when wiring a dormant tree or one that’s just coming into bud.

I’m almost done. There are some smaller shoots in the apex that I’m leaving to help continue the thickening of the tapering transition. No need to wire them. Then there’s that lowest left branch that has plodded along all these years. I’ll wire it today, but I also have a couple of small new shoots that could end up taking its place, if either one decides to get really vigorous. Time will tell.

And finally, this big BC is in its custom-made home. Lary Howard did a spectacular job on this pot – the color couldn’t be better suited to Bald cypress. Plus I think the rectangular shape with rounded corners is just right for this tree.

I’ll post additional updates on this tree as it finishes its transformation into a fine specimen bonsai. In about two years, I expect to have it done.

Let me know what you think of today’s work.