Today was BC collecting trip #4 for 2020. As usual, we had great luck. This may be my favorite specimen from today’s group. Some BC’s just have that flat-top look, and this is one of them. The base is 4″ and it’s chopped at 30″, which will make a tall and elegant specimen. The flaring root base is outstanding, and the fluting is good too.
It’s easier in this photo to see just how nice this tree is. If someone doesn’t make a flat-top bonsai out of it, I plan to do so myself.
This is the most unusual specimen we got today. It has an interesting root off to the left, what you might call a “flying buttress.” It will work best in a bonsai pot if you can see through the base, so the tree was prepped with that in mind.
You can’t see the flying buttress here, but that’s how we pot ’em.
This is the largest specimen we brought home today, with a trunk base of 4.5″. The photo doesn’t do the fluting justice. It will make a fine upright classic BC bonsai.
Here’s another upright specimen with great fluting up the trunk. The base is 4″. Some of my BC’s from prior years are pushing buds now, and even though we have a couple of cold nights ahead of us I don’t think these trees will hold back much longer. They were collected a good bit farther south than we are, and they do tend to remember where they come from. Let me know what you think of these cypresses.