Today was our third Bald cypress collecting trip for 2020. The goal was to bring home somewhat smaller material, mostly in the 3″ +/- trunk size. We were definitely successful.

This is a good example of our haul. The base is terrific, and you can’t argue with the taper and movement of the trunk.

In the pot and buried deep.
This is a very cool specimen. I’m not sure if that secondary trunk can be part of the design, but I’m leaving it for whoever buys the tree (or myself if it ends up hanging around for a while). Regardless, the base is very impressive and I love the turn in the trunk. And of course, you just can’t ask for better taper.
All tucked in.
This one caught my eye. It’s not something you’d make on purpose, but it was out there just growing away and I’m thinking it’s bound to make a unique bonsai. The trunk isn’t huge, just 2.5″ across the base, but it packs a lot of character.
Potted up. Now we wait.
Once again, here’s one that caught my eye. That root you see at the right is not a knee, but it packs so much interest and character I couldn’t not bring it home. There’s a very nice bonsai in this tree.
It still looks great, even buried deep. But once that root gets exposed again in a bonsai pot, this tree will really impress.

Let me know what you think.